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Our family is dedicated to yours, intent on making your visits with us comfortable by providing quality preventive care and modern dental treatment.
About Our Myobrace Orthodontics
We are the only dentist in the state to offer the Myobrace, an oral appliance that straightens teeth naturally without the use of orthodontics.
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Fall Creek Dental | Dr. Tony Pilgrim
Meet Dr. Tony Pilgrim

Dr. Tony Pilgrim has been helping patients and changing lives in the area for more than 30 years. Some of his work has included providing dental care as a part of numerous outreach programs in the Eau Claire area for children with no insurance and from low-income families. He has assisted with sealant clinics in Fall Creek, Augusta, and Osseo-Fairchild.

A member of the Wisconsin Dental Association, the American Dental Association, and the International Association for Orthodontics, Dr. Pilgrim is the only Myobrace certified provider in the state.

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To make your visit with us more pleasantwe provide the following amenities:
Complimentary Beverage Stand
Dental Massage Chair
Dark Shades to Keep Eyes Protected
Children's Play Area
Blankets and Neck Pillows
  • “How can you improve on what for me was a perfect appointment? I am so grateful for the way I am treated at Fall Creek Dental. Such kindness and understanding are hard to come by in this world.

    Cheryl L.
    Fall Creek Dental | Five Stars
  • “Dr. Pilgrim is a kind and honest dentist. His staff and hygienists reflect the same attitude. Everyone at this office will do as much as they can, in anyway that they can, for their patients . I am thankful that we found him. He has been her family dentist for many years!

    Tammy K.
    Fall Creek Dental | Five Stars
  • “Fall Creek Dental has the best care that is available anywhere. They provide pricing that is affordable and will work with you on ways to make payments as needed. We have not had that type of excellent service anywhere else.

    Jeff B.
    Fall Creek Dental | Five Stars

Services & Procedures

At Fall Creek Dental, we believe in the importance of leading-edge dentistry when it comes to making our patients comfortable. But we also trust that nothing can take the place of that personal touch when people are concerned.

Because we are a one-dentist practice, it is easier for our patients to get to know and feel comfortable with Dr. Tony Pilgrim. You and your family will see the same dentist every time you come in for treatment.

Fall Creek Dental’s mission is to give patients the best possible dental care in a safe, comfortable environment. We want to give the best care to all of our patients, regardless of age or oral health. Rest assured we are a judgment-free practice. Our entire team looks forward to making you feel comfortable while you are here, whether you were at the dentist six months ago or six years ago!

Preventive Dentistry

While we offer a full range of the dental services that you or any member of your family would need, our main focus is on prevention. Because of this, we will spend a lot of time with you during your cleanings and examinations to ensure you know what to do to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

We agree with the American Dental Association recommendation that you and your family come in two times each year for dental examinations and routine cleanings. We recommend all of your family members have full x-rays annually.

More and more studies point to the connection between your oral health and your overall health. We want to be your healthcare partner for life!

Restorative Dentistry

Sometimes, in spite of your best efforts, teeth can become damaged. If your teeth become cracked or chipped, it’s important that these issues be repaired promptly. Options for treatment can include dental crowns or dental bonding.

If you have been living with missing teeth, a dental bridge might be what is needed to restore your ability to chew properly—and protect the health of your remaining teeth.

We also offer root canal therapy and periodontal treatment.

Other Procedures

If you are unhappy with your smile, we can help you transform it. We offer teeth whitening so you can have your whitest and brightest smile. We are also the only dental practice in the area to offer the Myobrace, which provides teeth and jaw straightening treatment without orthodontics.

TMJ Treatment

Temporomandibular joint disorder describes a problem that occurs where the jaw joints hinge. The resulting condition, which can be quite painful, is what most people refer to as TMJ. TMJ is most commonly associated with a poorly aligned “bite,” and a condition called bruxism in which patients chronically grind or clench their teeth.

Treatment can run the gamut from a night guard to reconstructive dentistry, including crowns and bridges.

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