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About Our Myobrace Orthodontics
We are the only dentist in the state to offer the Myobrace, an oral appliance that straightens teeth naturally without the use of orthodontics.
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Fall Creek Dental | Dr. Tony Pilgrim
Meet Dr. Tony Pilgrim

Dr. Tony Pilgrim has been helping patients and changing lives in the area for more than 30 years. Some of his work has included providing dental care as a part of numerous outreach programs in the Eau Claire area for children with no insurance and from low-income families. He has assisted with sealant clinics in Fall Creek, Augusta, and Osseo-Fairchild.

A member of the Wisconsin Dental Association, the American Dental Association, and the International Association for Orthodontics, Dr. Pilgrim is the only Myobrace certified provider in the state.

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To make your visit with us more pleasantwe provide the following amenities:
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  • “How can you improve on what for me was a perfect appointment? I am so grateful for the way I am treated at Fall Creek Dental. Such kindness and understanding are hard to come by in this world.

    Cheryl L.
    Fall Creek Dental | Five Stars
  • “Dr. Pilgrim is a kind and honest dentist. His staff and hygienists reflect the same attitude. Everyone at this office will do as much as they can, in anyway that they can, for their patients . I am thankful that we found him. He has been her family dentist for many years!

    Tammy K.
    Fall Creek Dental | Five Stars
  • “Fall Creek Dental has the best care that is available anywhere. They provide pricing that is affordable and will work with you on ways to make payments as needed. We have not had that type of excellent service anywhere else.

    Jeff B.
    Fall Creek Dental | Five Stars

Smile Gallery

Nothing shows off our quality dentistry more than before-and-after pictures. Take a look at some of the work to improve our patients’ smiles!

Myobrace to correct overbite and front space
11 year old with severe overbite, large anterior diastema, resulting from being a thumbsucker. and mouth breather. She is midway thru her treatment and her overbite is corrected and diastema is 90% closed without using braces.
Underbite -Upper front teeth biting behind the lower front teeth
10 year with severe underbite, (upper front teeth hiding behind his lower front teeth). He is a mouth breather and has a tongue thrust that has caused his underbite. After wearing Myobrace appliances 1 hour before bedtime and all night long for 6 mon...[Read More]
Narrow arches and overbite
4 year that was a mouth breather and thumb sucker. He also had narrow arches and overbite. He wore his Myobrace appliance for 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at before bedtime. His arches have widen and his overbite was corrected after 12 mo...[Read More]
Poor swallowing habits causing extra spacing in upper and lower teeth
7 yr old with poor swallowing habits and was a mouth breather. This caused her upper and lower teeth to be flared out . After wearing her Myobrace appliances 1 hour before bedtime and all night while sleeping for about 15 months, her spaces are close...[Read More]
Mouth breather with narrow arches and crowded front teeth
9 yr old child started with Myobrace appliance 1 year ago. He was a mouth breather with narrow arches and crowded upper and lower front teeth. He is halfway thru his treatment time. He only wears the Myobrace appliance 1 hour before bedtime and all n...[Read More]
No Braces used - straight teeth the natural way
8 yr old that was a mouth breather, with narrow arches and crowded front teeth. He wore his Myobrace appliances 1 hour before bedtime and all night while sleeping and this is the results after 18 months. No braces were used.
Myobrace - straight teeth the natural way
We offer a natural way to straighten teeth and correct poor breathing and swallowing habits. Give us a call for a free consult to see if Myobrace is a great choice for you child. We have started kids on the road to healthy breathing and swallowing as...[Read More]

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