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Parents, Have You Heard of Juuling? What You Need to Know.

What is Juuling?  A Juul is a popular e-cigarette (a smokeless nicotine delivery system) that looks like a USB flash drive.  Juuling is more popular with teens, in fact, than traditional cigarettes.  Juul popularity seems to be due to its discreet appearance and small size, with no visible “smoke”, making using easily concealable, even in classrooms as well as school bathrooms.  The multitude of fruity flavors available and media sharing with hashtags like #doit4juul entice teens to use.  Juuling has become such a problem in schools and classrooms that many have banned flash drives altogether in efforts to minimize use of the look-alike Juuls.

                The Juul consists of ...

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Did you know that how we breathe is important to the alignment of our teeth?

What happens when we breathe through the nose?

Naturally, our bodies are built to actually breathe through the nose.  There are benefits to breathing thru our nose. The air goes thru built-in filters and gets purified and humidified before reaching our lungs, so we can get the most from the air we breathe in.  When we breathe through the nose, this brings our tongue up into its natural resting position on the roof of the mouth.

The tongue acts as a natural arch expander when sitting on the roof of the mouth.  When we start breathing through our nose as children, the normal growth and development of their face ...

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