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Why do we ask about your Medical History

November 5, 2019
Posted By: Stacy Anding RDH

The Safest Dental Appointment Begins with An Updated Medical History

Why it’s Necessary to Share Your Medical History with Your Dental Team

There’s a good reason why we ask!


Why do we ask you to update your Medical History and bring a list of your current medications with you at your dental appointments? We get asked often why this is necessary. Dental Care is categorized as Health Care.  The mouth is the gateway to the rest of your body and its’ systems.  Most often during dental appointments the bloodstream and respiratory system are affected and directly involved in your treatment, even during “cleanings”.  These systems are intertwined and affect the rest of the systems in your body, including your heart and valves, immune system and any joint replacements.

Giving a complete Medical History at your initial appointment in a dental practice and then updating your medical history at subsequent appointments ensures your dental team has the correct “blueprint” to determine the safest, optimal care that each patient needs.  Doing so can also reduce the risk of injury, medical emergencies, allergic reactions, adverse drug interactions with your medications and the anesthetics and products used during appointments.   

 Did you know that different health conditions can affect your dental health such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease and immune system issues and vice versa?  Gum disease can have effect on your heart, pregnancy, lungs and kidneys.  Knowing your health history helps us provide you with the appropriate treatment recommendations based on your health needs and history and appropriate drug prescriptions and referrals as needed.

Though it may seem an inconvenience to fill out a new Medical History or endure the updates at your appointment, it is for you own protection and safety that we ask at each appointment.  A patients’ medical status can change in a day.  As Health Care Providers, it is our responsibility to continually update and document your medical status. 

So why do we ask?  Because we care about you and want to provide the best and safest care possible to you, our valued patients.


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