Digital X-Rays

Dental x-rays are an important part of everyone’s preventive dentistry plan. Dr. Tony Pilgrim recommends his patients have them periodically—usually once a year—to detect developing issues are not visible to the naked eye.

In our office, we use a new technology called computer digital radiography (CDR), which emits 90 percent less radiation exposure. With this type of x-ray, images can be enlarged up to 400 times. CDR gives your dentist the opportunity to identify problems while they are still minor issues. This means that, for example, we can catch decay that is beginning to form where a dentist might otherwise be unable to see it, such as below the gumline.

With a digital x-ray that detects problems early, treatment is often more comfortable and less costly.

Why Digital X-Rays Are Better

Safety. Digital x-rays expose you to less radiation. In fact, you are likely gettimg more radiation from the sun than with a digital x-ray. That said, however, pregnant women should notify the doctor so that a decision can be made as to whether or not to wait to have x-rays.

Timeliness. Dental x-rays allow us to make diagnoses that might prevent common dental conditions that, if left untreated, could lead to big problems. Good preventive care enables us to be proactive about your oral health, and this usually means fewer painful dental emergencies.

Quality. Digital dental x-rays provide the best quality images available. This allows Dr. Pilgrim to gain a more accurate analysis of the condition of your teeth as well as your periodontal and bone health.

Speed. Not only will Dr. Pilgrim be able to see more of your mouth with digital x-rays, but he will be able to see it more quickly. Old-fashioned x-rays involved a film development process that was quite cumbersome. The digital x-ray process is similar to taking a digital photograph with your phone. The image is shot and uploaded immediately for instant observation.

Convenience. The images are available for immediate upload, so they can easily be sent wherever needed. If you are awaiting insurance approval before getting treatment, the procedure can be approved more quickly.

Efficiency. People have busy schedules, and going to the dentist is one more item on an already packed to-do list. Early detection of problems means treatment is quicker. Digital x-rays mean less time in the dental chair for most patients.

The Digital X-Ray Procedure

Prior to the x-rays, we will place a small digital sensor in your mouth in various places, depending on where we want to focus the image. At each spot where we place the sensor, someone from our team will activate the x-ray machine, and the machine takes a picture immediately of the targeted area.

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